We understand the impact Covid-19 has had on employers around the world and the new restrictions in place in order to return to work. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve worked tirelessly with local authorities to provide covid-secure measures in locations such as hospitals, hotels and government buildings. Our staff have undertaken extensive training since the beginning of the pandemic to upskill their knowledge of the procedures required and can provide our clients with a safe, reliable service.


A phrase heard on a daily occurrence since the beginning of the pandemic, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving changes in guidance. With this in mind, we’re continuously monitoring the situation, training staff inline with the latest protocols to ensure we’re able to offer our customers the safest possible service. We’ve been tasked by a number of organisations to manage social distancing on their premises, including a park owned by a local authority.

We appreciate the difficulties and complexities that can arise in these situations, therefore our staff are fully trained in conflict resolution and minimising the risk of transmission amongst multiple parties. If you’re looking to enforce social distancing in a customer-friendly, professional manner, we’re on-hand to help.


Part of our service when it comes to providing covid-secure measures is to compile a comprehensive risk assessment for your premises. Our in-depth analysis, which identifies potential risks and provides consultative solutions on how to negate them, enables both ourselves and the customer to mitigate any risk to their clientele or staff. Thus, we can work together to ensure a safe, secure environment for all.

When working with a local authority to provide covid-secure services for their recreational park, we provided a full risk assessment and proposal containing potential solutions. We realise that the nature of this pandemic continues to be fluid with the regular alteration of guidelines and advice, therefore we continue to consult with our customer to make amendments where required. This is something we have done with all of our clients, adapting measures where necessary.


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