Why are key holders important for security?

Why are key holders important for security?

Keeping your home or business safe and secure is of course a priority. In the United Kingdom, a burglary happens every 108 seconds, so having the right security is vital. With so many different options within security to keep you safe, it can be hard to know where to start and what to choose. At NES Security Services we offer a wide range of support to keep you safe. Keyholding has become increasingly popular within the industry, especially as offices and premises have been empty due to the recent pandemic. But why are key holders important for security? 

What is a key holder?

In security, keyholding is when a company is responsible for responding to an incident after the alarm has been raised from a site’s security system. It puts the power into the hands of trained, dependable personnel to react to incidents. These can be, for example, burglaries. So ultimately you are handing over your keys to the premises to a reliable company who can give 24/7 protection. This is done to ensure that the business is secure out of hours with no hassle. If the alarm was to go off you have the peace of mind that no matter what the hours are, the keyholders will be the first responders. To put it simply, this is a service that protects property owners by nominating another firm to look after their keys and take the responsibility of keeping that property safe if the worst were to happen.  

What is the role of a keyholder?

The term ‘keyholder’ is very literal in this sense; their role is to keep your keys in a safe and secure location with a unique security code. This means the only people that can access it is that firm’s keyholder. Their duties are to rapidly attend the site if the alarm is activated whether it’s a real incident or a false alarm. They will then thoroughly check all of the premises to look for any signs of entry/intrusion. Another role is to have contact with emergency services. If the worst was to happen then they would be able to contact and inform authorities straight away. When things such as burglaries do occur there is normally a mess or some form of destruction caused, whether that is a smashed window or breakages in the property. They are there to assist in the clear up of any damage. They are also able to file a comprehensive report on the incident. A keyholder will also ensure that your whole premises is completely safe and secured before leaving; this gives you the peace of mind that it is okay to go or that it is now a safe space. So, conclusively the role of a keyholder is to keep you and your premises safe at all times – 24/7.

Why are key holders important for security?

What are the benefits?

There are many ways in which investing in keyholder security can benefit you, whether that’s for your business or your home.

Reduces risk

One of the main advantages is that it reduces risk. If an alarm was to go off and you respond yourself you are walking into potential danger without any form of self defence equipment to keep you safe. So by having people like keyholders respond, it means that any potential risk or harm to you is avoided because they are trained to deal with any incidents that may occur.


The convenience is another factor that is beneficial for you; no matter where you are in the world you are covered. You can be lying on a beach on the other side of the world with the peace of mind that your property is safe and being kept under full security while you are away. It may sound obvious but this type of security is excellent for threat reduction. It reduces the likelihood of an incident.It is also a benefit for insurance costs. By protecting your property/premises with a professional security company, it acts as a deterrent which can lead to reduced insurance costs. So not only does it protect you and your property but also can benefit you financially. Due to changes in how we work due to the pandemic, it has meant that a lot of offices were and are still fairly empty – this can of course be a worry. So having a security service visible when the office isn’t at it’s full capacity shows that you aren’t an easy target. This form of security is also 24/7 which means that your property will be protected at all times. 

Why are key holders important for security?
Cost effective

Hiring and employing a full time security guard is a high expense and not something everyone can afford to do. Keyholding is a more cost effective way of safeguarding and looking after your property. 

Peace of mind

One of the most beneficial parts is that you will have peace of mind that any burglary or alarm altercation will be dealt with by a professional quickly and safely. False alarms can be very common; this can simply be down to user error. In fact, that accounts for more than 80% of false alarms. They can be very inconvenient but this is not a problem if a key holding firm is handling your security, as they will still respond and check the premises. 

It is easy to see that keyholding is a very valuable security option with many benefits for you. They operate 24/7, are cost effective and give you peace of mind no matter where you are. So when you ask yourself ‘why are key holders important for security’ the answer is ultimately to keep your property safe and secure. At NES Security Services we are proud to offer a wide range of security options to keep you safe.

If keyholding is something that you feel will benefit you, then make sure to get in touch and see how we can help. You can contact us on 01295724205 or email us on info@nesecurityservices.co.uk. If you want more information on our other services that we offer, then take a look at our website to see what we can do for you.