Why women are important in security

Why women are important for the security sector

It is no secret that there is a need for more women in the industry. However, sadly we are still questioning why women are important for the security sector. Overcoming stereotypes is one of the biggest problems that women are facing when trying to enter this profession. What we really should be focusing on is that ultimately a security officer is a person; no matter their age, gender, height, weight or sexuality; it is about keen communication, observational skill, decision making and the ability to keep people safe no matter what. It is a disheartening feeling to know that women only make up seven percent of the workforce in security across Europe. Everyone is aware of the importance of equality so why are we still stuck in the same cycle? Equal opportunity and having a complimentary workforce of evenly talented males and females is the absolute route for success within any business. 

So, why are women important for the security sector?

There will never just be one reason as to why women play an important role within the industry. They are simply an incredible asset to security and will continue to be. Research shows that women are naturally more intuitive and are reportedly better at assessing odds which means that there is an increased avoidance of risk. Women also bring a different approach to the way in which they view and deal with any possibility of danger.

Their ability to handle conflict

When it comes to any form of security, you always do whatever you can to avoid a violent outcome. Solving things without conflict is always a priority. Whether it is at a huge concert or simply just a shopping centre, it is important to make everyone feel as safe and secure as possible. Women by nature are able to deal with conflict and can generally solve problems in a calm manner; this will ultimately result in less aggressive outcomes. They also tend to have a diplomatic negotiation style which again can aid in conflict resolution. So to put it simply, calmness is the key; a key that women hold.

Why women are important for the security sector

The way women approach the role differently

Yes, it may be known that male security officers have the ‘advantage’ of brute strength and intimidation however when women are faced with confrontation, they will often reach for problem solving and diplomacy to tackle any conflict. This of course is not saying a woman can’t be equally as tough as their male peers, but with the calming and caring nature they will tend to take the approach that avoids any violence. They are often better at diffusing aggressive situations and stopping them from escalating into violence. This is an important attribute within women because when in an event setting or a crowded area the last thing that you want to do is make the situation worse by using violence to calm someone or something down – in fact this will most likely have the opposite effect. 

Women have the ability to go where males cannot

When it comes to having to go into places like bathrooms or female dressing rooms people, understandably, may feel uncomfortable or intimidated by male security entering female spaces. When it comes to big events such as concerts or festivals, women can also physically search women who are entering. This is a good way to make sure that everyone feels respected and safe. A female security presence can also help women feel considerably more comfortable and are seen as more approachable to young people and children.   

Why women are important for the security sector

Different roles require a diverse team

Ultimately security guards must be honest and dedicated to keeping people safe no matter what the event. As time has gone on the security industry has become a lot more diverse. There are many more varied roles available in the industry, as events, businesses and homes become more developed and advanced, so does the security. By having a versatile and diverse team it helps companies stay competitive and adaptable – exactly what you want for your business, right? 

So why are women put off being in this industry?

So if it is clear to see that women are a valuable asset to security then why do they feel that they can’t be a part of it? It is a well known fact that the security sector is a very male-dominated industry. There are countless reasons why women are put off including things such as; the perceived lack of opportunities for women within the industry, the misconception that men are stronger and therefore more able and not to mention the evidence of female security staff that have faced high levels of discrimination, sexual harrassment and bullying. Horrifying to hear isn’t it? All because of a gender. It is time to start to focus on the fact that we are moving on from security guards only being seen for their strength and actually focus on their qualities such as empathy, intelligence and communication. 

There is such a high demand for women in the industry and it is no mystery that things need to continue in the right direction to make equality a key factor within the sector. There are so many reasons that contribute to why women are important for the security sector. Not only do they bring a calming nature, a different approach and an increased avoidance of risk; but there are also jobs that only women can do within the security industry. For example, providing security in female spaces. There has over time been a positive change in the modern security sector for women and equality, but stereotypical thoughts prevail that it remains a male dominated industry. Here at NES Security Services, we want to build a diverse workforce, encouraging people from all walks of life to get into security and reap the benefits of a wonderful career it can offer. 

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